These days it is important to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and conserve energy. You also need to conform to stringent environmental standards which are now in force. On top of this, the cost of energy is on the rise and this affects your businesses bottom line.

Window film has proven heat-rejection properties and by applying this to the windows at your business premises, you will find that you consume much less energy as it keeps the interior temperatures stable and controllable. This lowers the need for air conditioning to be used, saving you money and helping the environment.

The sun shining through your windows does not just increase the temperature of your office or store, it also brings with it dangerous UV rays.  Merchandise in the display windows can fade causing it to loose its value and appeal.  Film is available to solve this problem while still allowing potential customers to see your display as if no film was there.  It also protects your office furnishings and assets from the same harmful rays.

Window film can also make your office or store environment much more enjoyable for your employees and customers.  It can block 95% of the glare and make the temperature much more consistent throughout.  Window film can also protect the occupants from the sun’s harmful rays and this is why it is recommended by the Cancer Institute.