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Puts a custom look on your vehicle while helping to protect your lights from damage. Headlight and Taillight Tint comes in an array of colors such as blue, yellow, smoke and even clear. Can be removed with no damage to the lens.


  • Stops the hazy appearance caused by UV rays from the sun
  • Protects against rock chips on expensive headlight and fog light lenses
  • Reduces the appearance of existing cracks and scratches
  • Maintenance free & car wash safe

It’s estimated that on average 1 out of every 6 automobiles will require headlight replacement due to damage from road debris. Regardless of statistics like these we have all seen the effects that road debris can cause.

All particles, as small as sand and up, can sandblast your headlights causing clarity to be reduced by as much as 50%. This can put your safety at risk. One trip on the any of our Highways during winter months is all it takes to make you agree that your automobile requires headlight protection.

Replacing headlight components can be an expensive and time consuming process, the average headlamp set costs $450 to replace. Plastic headlights can become dull and lose their transparency due to rocks and sand particles that pit the surface. Glass headlights can shatter and break their seal from a rock impact.


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