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Window films are designed to keep your car looking hot while you stay cool. Window film can reject up to 65% of total SOLAR ENERGY plus it will help cut annoying glare out of your driving experience – reducing intense bright spots on sunny days and blinding headlights during night drives. Window film rejects almost 100% of dangerous ultraviolet light from your WINDOWS HELPING to keep your skin safe and the interior of your car better protected from fading and heat damage. Plus, while not designed specifically as a safety product, the adhesive from the window film helps keep broken glass intact once shattered.

Benefits of Car Window Tinting

  • Lower the heat inside the car
  • Make the glass safer in case of an accident
  • Reduce sun glare
  • Reduce sun damage of the dashboard, seats, and other interior pieces
  • Recommended by the cancer institute to keep you and your passengers safe from the sun’s damaging rays

We offer a large selection of films for every car. Dark, light, reflective, and legal, we have what it takes to put you on the road in style. Plus there are no worries because our films all come with a lifetime warranty.


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